News   Published on 15 maggio 2020

DeepInspect, a new DeepCyber Technology

DeepInspect, a new DeepCyber Technology

DeepCyber, with its research and development activities, is developing a new technology named DeepInspect. DeepInspect is a platform designed to monitor and discover assets and their cyber vulnerabilities in industrial IoT, ICS and SCADA systems (including military ones).

"It is an "all in one" platform which includes hardware and software for the automatic evaluation of vulnerabilities and penetration tests in these specific environments, enhanced by cyber intelligence and artificial intelligence", says Antonio Mauro, PhD - Chief Cyber Protection Officer - IoT and Automotive of DeepCyber.

"The DeepInspect solution is patent-pending, both in the United States and in Europe," said Gerardo Costabile, CEO of DeepCyber. "We are considering the opportunity of a form of investment by a corporate fund or equity partner to finalize engineering, create prototypes and export our made in Italy technology all over the world".

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