Our Solutions

DeepCyber ​​helps its customers to increase the effectiveness of cyber threat defense, with an "intelligence driven" approach. The three action areas are Cyber ​​Intelligence, Protection (as an evolution of security for protecting tangible and intangible assets) and Antifraud.
Solutions are divided into several areas of competence.

Advanced Intelligence

  • Support in identifying sources of information and reporting on potential threats in government, defense, financial services and critical infrastructure environment (data breaches accounts, credit cards in deep and dark web, AML accounts, bitcoin, etc.)

  • Domain/IP intelligence in deep and dark web, antiphishing, brand intelligence

  • Malware intelligence, Indicators of compromise, bad actors, etc



  • Selection, designing and implementation of Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence, Anti-Fraud and Protection platforms for prevention and identification of internal and external threats “intelligence driven”, to integration with existing technologies.


Proactive Hunting

  • Support for identifying and fighting Cyber ​​Threats, with Knowledge as a Services, for Integration in the SOC, Anti-Fraud Center or in other Analysis and Response organization for Events/incidents. Also with trusted partner is possible to offer end-to-end outsourcing of I-SOC and/or I-Anti-Fraud Center.


Advance Learning

  • Advanced training for Cyber ​​and Anti-Fraud threat prevention, identification and management, also with the help of "last-generation" simulators, cyber-attacks environment or phishing supervised campaigns.



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