news-ed-eventi   Published on 15 maggio 2020

Human Factor Assessment & Advanced Learning Services - DeepCyber

Human Factor Assessment & Advanced Learning Services - DeepCyber

In the last few years, cyber-attacks have been having constant growth, using typical social engineering methodologies aimed at companies and organizations. The Human Factors is the weakest security link in the realm of the technological countermeasures available to a company.

"Attacks based on the so-called «Human Factor» are one of the most frequent and worrying types for companies. According to some recent reports, the trend is growing, with a record in 2019 of 81.9%" says Ilenia Mercuri, Human Capital Cybersecurity Specialist of DeepCyber.

“DeepCyber has developed an assessment methodology that allows us to identify the riskiest business areas and also the corrective actions to be put in place, including employees, to raise awareness on security issues by linking them to the Human Factor aspects to improve their behavior and habits at work using a greater level of awareness".

In particular, after the assessment, we provide of execution of simulated phishing campaigns in order to have the detail (email account, users, etc.) of who "fallen" into the phishing and using this information we are ready to plan and customized the training program on the customer's needs. The activities will be carried out with the state of the art generation "simulators", both for cyber-attacks and for supervised phishing campaigns, as well as for the training.

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